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Hi, how are you?

I drew up this little chart to fill out with things that I could do at different points of low mental health and the lack of energy and focus it always seems to come with.

The categories on the left represent the different things I tend to neglect when I'm not feeling 100% - food, physical wellbeing, emotional wellbeing & mental wellbeing/learning. These are all also things that tend to improve my mental health when I do have the energy to look after myself in these areas so it seemed useful to put something together that would give me a visual reminder of little things I could do to make myself feel a bit better even when i'm feeling rubbish.

I've also posted a totally blank version of this on my Instagram story so you can pick your own categories, I've put together a few gifs to accompany this (including social and environment category motifs) and will be adding more but it can be filled out with text or any gifs you feel fit! You could also print and fill it out if that's more your bag!

I hope everyone is looking after themselves and each other and staying indoors!!



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